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New York's Finest by vassilizaitzev
New York's Finest
A commission done for me by :iconinspector97:,…

First commissioned in May of 2015. I was inspired to commission this piece after watching the intro of the old Xmen cartoon from the 1990s, the one where Jubilee was running from a anti-mutant mob only to be stopped by a fence. At the time of commission, the NYPD had a lot of negative publicity (still does). I wanted to have a piece that showed the NYPD has having honest cops who honor the badge and uniform they wear. Below is a brief story I wrote for the piece. Once again, many thanks to :iconinspector97: for the great piece. 

The crowd had swelled to dozens as Michael Connelly pulled his RMP up to the curb. A mix of shouts and jeers were directed down the alleyway. The young officer keyed his radio.
“One-Nine-Easy, mob scene on 72nd Street, just past Lexington. Need backup!”

He faintly heard the reply as the crowd’s collective voice was deafening. Hot summer air greeted him as he exited the Ford and started to push his way through.

“Get back! Back up!” Gone was the young, friendly voice he had off duty or being pleasant. In place was the gruff, loud tone needed to control the situation. His nightstick was still secure as he cut his way through the crowd; there was simply not enough room to wield it.

Kill the Mutie!
Humanity first!” 
Mutie bitch!

The words electrified him into action, and he soon met the object of their scorn. His heart stopped; the girl was only a few years younger than him. Her eyes filled with fear, blood dripping from a nasty head wound.
Michael didn’t hesitate. Whatever his personal beliefs were, her being a mutant didn’t matter now. He had a civilian to protect, and a crowd to control.

“Stay behind me!” The girl did as she was told. He stepped in front and yelled.

“Back up! Back up!” The crowd ignored him, intent on ending the life of the young mutant. Michael’s hand dipped towards his side. One of the rioters broke from the throng and advanced while holding a switchblade.

Back the fuck up!” The Glock flew from its holster and leveled at the man’s chest. He finally broke off, knowing another step would see him shot.

Off in the distance, the faint whine of a police siren could be heard. The whine grew and multiplied until the crowd’s chants were drowned out. Both cop and mutant felt relief as red and blue lights flooded the alleyway.

Backup had arrived. 


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